Deco for the White Chirstmas Season

Last weekend shopping around the shopping mall, I and my wife saw the beautiful Christmas tree together with the deco items is start on sale. Since being in the new bungalow, still have the room for additional items to dressing the living room, so we buy it and have the nice time on the weekend together to work out something, even so we are not Christian. But the feel is great, when the light is up together with the Christmas season songs.

[caption id="attachment_361" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Family time together to deco the Christmas tree 2010 Nov"]Family time together to deco the Christmas tree 2010 Nov[/caption]

The 6 feet height Christmas tree with the well dressing do deco the living room with the Christmas feel. Everyone please enjoy your Christmas time and wish yours have the happy new year.

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