Haruki Murakami, Japanese Writer, Norwegian Wood, 村上春树

I spend three night in a row to finish the reading of the Haruki Murakami (born 1949, Japanese Writer) fiction work ノルウェイの森 (Noruwei no mori, in English Norwegian Wood) original published at 1987. I read the Taiwan Chinese Translation version 村上春树<挪威的森林>.

What to said, have been a while since Da Vinci Code I never read fiction in so passion way. My definition for being a good book is surprise, touching and unforgettable - after you read it.

So many unforgettable scene and unique character make up the 800 pages good reading. Hear the book will shot to become movie, after the Japanese book recent translate into English (English version published on year 2000), and from English translate into France. A France reading director once read it and like it. If the news is true, end of this year will be on air.

In the 60, The Beatles sang Norwegian Wood, in 80 Japan author make it so popular that it works translate into so many languages.

For those who like good fiction, recommend for you. By the way this is very touching love story, unique and unforgettable, especially for those who have past age of 20. It is very suitable for reading at the lonely night, with a cup of wine and spirit. Have an enjoyable night time.

Let share what you being reading and touching your heart.

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