Czech Republic, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Old Town Square

The recent Central and Eastern Europe travel trip that across six countries, would like to start with the beauty Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic, i believe so, who being travel here will definitely have the same impression just like me. The place being take the name for the Bohemia land in the ancient time.


She may not have the beauty from the river cruise on the Seine River, but it overall medieval architecture layout from the castle to bridge then to the old town, is beautiful. Never see so beauty place fall in the large city, even so small city like Heidelberg, Germany give me the feel but large city, no one come close to Prague for me have the strong desire to write first.


Since it is big city, it do draw heavy tourist traffic, crowd everywhere until night. Prague can be write and describe in few angle, depend on the aim and them to approaching them.


Prague Castle and building and architecture within. As long as near the Prague river bank, it is impossible to miss the landmark. Whether in the night or day time, it is stand there and welcome tourist around the world. I am not Christian, so I will not describe it in the Christian or religion point of view. But in term of beautiful and unique as the architecture that standard against world culture heritage. The St Vitus’s Cathedral is big and giant architecture that with the unique and high pike, a unique Gothic architecture feature.


Charles Bridge link the city across the River Vltava, it is just too crowds due to tourist volume, the best time to see it is the night time or during sun rise. We are travel from the

Prague castle and walk downhill to reach Charles Bridge. Since it is downhill rather than high hill and next destination is the old town, it make sense to route that way. Even so the bridge is wide, but intent to cope with the volume of tourist especially in the day peak hours, it is very crowd and it is on the massive restoration. The statutes all is in dark color, and some is partial damage have under going restoration. Really wonder how same people photo can shot so nice, must be equip with professional photographer equipment and device.


Old town square being the market place since the middle ages,

mainly here for the global famous astronomical clock, the one famous for the entire world and claim the name the most beautiful astronomical clock in the world. The old town square is very walk able, we spend four hours shopping and wondering around. Next to old town square and is the new market square, where all the new fashion and boutique is all the place, from the popular brands to luxury brands, one street to another. The clock every hour have a special performance, pulling lot of crowds near the clock.


Here go the Gucci, LV and Prada. My wife is finally bought a beautify Prada handbag here after should around. She seem very satisfied, I can not understand how the women is thinking, possess of luxury bag have since I am not women. Wondering us as the men, what we bought to show off? As the tourist, entitle for the VAT tax refund, for high price items that tax refund is 12% onward, indirectly it is the discount for the buy. That is the main reason why women in the Europe trip always with back with the victory items like this kind of luxury goods.


If you ask me whether Prague worth to travel and spend time being there, the answer is positive, just like I give yes to Venice, Italy, who will being there and no intent to back there again.


Being travel on the Eastern Europe area, from Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary to Poland, Austria (2nd time visit is actually classify as the Central Europe). The image of this Eastern Europe is far more that expected, since they have share the past USSR influence, and after the USSR collapse and they are transform in the different speed. Market capitalism really is much more solid model, even so socialism do have it main roles in the civilization.


Even do not know how to speak in the local language, but it do not impact on the walking and shopping around. Since it is tourist crowd place, English talk and world universal body language can do all the talking.


Different people have different taste and lifestyle, for me travel across the globe with the purpose to in search for and understanding how different way people life and incorporate those insight into own life is what the major gain for me. Travel away from the existing known environment and exposure to something differently and then gain a period of time being away so can think and sync back those insight is the essential for being travel. Off course, it can be travel for leisure, entertainment, informative and cultural, regional and local insight. 

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