Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany

Like it or not, Germany got a impressive castle and very easy to associate it with Germany, guess which?

Yes, the Neuschwanstein Castle, near Fussen is the one that beautifully located on the hill. It is the blue print original inspiration for the Disneyland Castle. For the four season, it present different beauty for the visitor.

It is very common optional tour extension for Austria, especially touching on the Innsbruck to Salzburg, where Salzburg is strategic near by Munich, Germany and Fussen.

For some people like to shopping, for some like to eat, and for some like to see the architectural wonder. The castle belong to the third one for those who like to see the architecture wonder.

In the world, castle remain still consider a lot, but those that have unique beauty that make them remarkable no really that much. Castle when standalone or surround by the village or town, all have their heritage.

We live in the modern world, when we can see, touch, and feel on those unique heritage architecture wonders and be there, we can imagine how much exposure it give to us, especially we are living different lifestyle. Different culture have nurture different architecture wonder, just like in Rome, Italy can see the Roman Forum and the Colosseum; Vatican City’s St Peter Square, Cathedral and Museum; China Forbidden city, temple of heaven, the great wall; Egypt’s pyramid, ancient temple and valley of the king.

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