Alfons Mucha Great Works, Czech Republic

mucha I like Alfons Mucha or Alphonese Maria Mucha (1860 – 1939), Czech ART NOUVEAU artist, way of presentment, unique tasteful. Art Nouveau origin from Paris, and become a movement during his time. For the various art works, his poster works is especially unique, together with the series work in four, like four seasons.

He was the unknown artist when living in Paris, when opportunity come, it present his unique poster work and get adopted, it become famous after created poster for greatest actresses of this time, Sarah Bernhardt. The remain is the history.

Alfons Mucha - 1896 - four season series, <Spring>, <Summer>, <Autumn>, <Winter>.

For travel to Czech, beside those cultural heritage building and architecture, local food, drink and cuise, his works worth to mention since it is unique, just like Austria have Klimt artwork, Mozart music, Italy have Michelangelo works. All help to provide unique identity for us, especially we are travel for exposure and learning, that serve the purpose for travel experience anchoring or marking, serve as memory trigger or reference point for future recall.

Alfons Mucha The Arts Series, one of four. 1898. <Dance>

This kind of unique painting now days is common, but can be image during his time his unique work like this make him a pioneer on his field of practice. Like this
<Dance>, one of the four painting in the Arts series, unique and blend well with the background.

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