Poland great musician - Chopin

In study of Poland from it past to modern now, in the context of Eastern Europe as well as the individual country to build up better understanding of Poland compare and relative to other country. One man past person get my attention, the great pianist and composer, guest who? Off course Chopin (in Polish Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin - 1 March 1810 - 17 October 1849), who have the great name leave in the classical music, especial on it piano works.

Still remember saw the movie "The Pianist", in one scene The Pianist play Chopin song, very touching. And from there recall my memory for the beautiful Chopin who, even died for so long, but remain his legacy - in the form of classic music.

His lifetime due to the war, need to away from home country and died there, and have the desire to move his "heart" after died back to the country, we can see it on one Pillar in Warsaw's Holy Cross Church contained within is an urn with Chopin's heart. But the tomb remains in Paris.

He fall in love with the women (women writer, who have two kid, elder than him for seven years), and eventually break apart. He is genius of his time, at the age of seven can composer and in public performance already, that is why he have the nick name during then “Mozart the second”. For his lifetime, he is more famous and more appreciate to name “the poet of the piano”, since almost all his work is done on piano, and can play with piano alone.

Like Mozart, I do not expect can see much from the Poland trip regard Chopin, except commercially package marketing stories and selling, just like what will get from Austria Salzburg – every commercial stuff with Mozart portrait or name on it. Normally only king or royal family who did can leave much things there for people see, for normal people usually leave their work behind- for this case classic music, for author their written work, for painter their artwork.

For travel Europe, one theme obviously worth to pursue is on the Musician past, get to know their lifework, their time, their story, and related to his life and achievement, whether here Poland for Chopin, Austria for Mozart or Beethoven. By study or learn from their past, really gain to understand how their passion in their work make the fame for them. Success is no by chance alone, even you are genius, still need the hard work, social network and timing to make you a legendary historical figure.

I am In thinking, when I no more exist in this world, what I leave for those still remain, especially for those I love, I care and I live together? Dr. Covey “being with the end in mind” teaching come in play, make me think about it in depth, really.

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