Once a Lifetime Journey in life


From travel and exposure, we realize and get learn how the different types of lifestyle and how lucky we are, can be get the chance to see how other being living differently, it is open eye event. it open up mind to know there have something and way we do not know and yet to explore yet, so for me travel is learning, learning to learn from what being see, touch, feel during this period of travel time away from what I usual did of living.


Some said, travel is all about get a “period of time” to be away from your current, and explore all the new things and then come back to sync back those new learning and exposure into your routine life. In certain extent, I agreed on it, really, those learning can not be get from book, video or Internet learning, you need to be there and explore from there, and the outcome is never know, better prepare upfront the better gain you are.


Think back form a far distance, and think it objectively, actually lifetime is the journey for itself, we got only once a lifetime, whether you plan it and prepare for the upfront, then you will landing in the place you want. From being a kid rolling into schooling system, then attend university, and finally employ and now being employer. Go thru lot of lifetime event, and really appreciate this lifetime journey, and look forward for gain better experience and satisfaction on the journey as well with those I care and share my life with.

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