Greece. Athens, The Mainland and The Greek Islands

Greece for different people may have different expectation. During young, their mythology really exciting and full of imagination, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Titans, and various Greek heroes history and adventures.

But now day, what Greece really attractive for me is on the Greek Islands. Especially the Santorini, where the best place to see the most beautiful sunset, save the picture really attractive.

Being at Egypt and travel in depth for the ancient ruins, tombs, temple, what else can be more excite then the Giza pyramids, the wonder of the ancient times that still remain, as well as the wonder of Abu Simbel. Being at Rome - Italy, I do not expect the trip to Athens will have something can be see and excite except the Acropolis.

So the main trip objective is Athens, then turn north to Meteora for the hanging sanctuary (ancient monk temple), then sail to the Greek Islands, from Mykonos to santorini. Santorini landmark in all poster card, blue dome architecture.

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