Eastern Europe what to look for and expect on it

For the Eastern Europe trip include Austria (again, no choice it is largest city on Easter Europe, only here have international flight), Poland, Hungary, Solvenia, Solvakia and Czech Republic.


Main attraction? off course is the Prague on Czech Republic the main trip purpose. I do not know why, Europe trips for so many round, still prefer to be here, maybe the building here is a bit old (some is thousand year old) to have the history feel, especially you are walk there, shop there, eat and drink there, as well as see people how they live there that make feel worth my time being travel here.


As the flight become so common, travel to far distance become possible, it open up the travel possibilities. Really appreciate it, for the past Greece so-called Seven Wonder of the World is within the region they can travel and can see, same as well for the China 5 famous mountain, and actually have the higher Huangshan mountain discovered on the later stage.

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