A talk on Vodka 伏特加酒

Russia's Vodka, a famous distilled spirit liquor with unique water like look, but strong and intensive alcohol content from 38% to 50% to burn. The name "vodka" is from Slavic word voda (water), and have roots meaning "water/drink that to burn". For me, it exactly like the word, in Chinese, I express it “形如水,烈如火” (look like water, but taste like fire").

This kind of strong drink that burn body, I not suppress popular on Russia and Northern Europe, or Eastern Europe, where have a cool weather during the winter time. Being travel to Winter place below the temperature, if you are outdoor and exposure to the cold temperature in a reasonable duration, I can personally imagine why Vodka drink being popular.

Try to Google Vodka Posters and it return some very interesting posters, it just like lady perfume, it it marketing in various mean and appeal, interesting.

For me, pure drink of it without adding ice is too strong for drinking. However, if in silent night in the air con room, reading and alone, it is one of the substitute for the Whiskey, Red Wine or Brandy.

It is also commonly used in cocktails and mixed drinks, such as the bloody Mary, the screwdriver, the sex on the beach, the White Russian, the vodka tonic, and the vodka martini.

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