Family time and care

Since move in to the new house, away from wife parent (as previously just 5 minutes walking distance), now we consider have really own home – alone, with the kid.

I am myself do not like the Astro TV subscription due to time killing for all the family members, for me I prefer for the movie at cinema or video purchase, since we control our time and it is still consider active activities, rather than TV since it is keep showing.

With the 3 floor building, got to away from the TV as much as possible, so can gain time for reading, especially those important reading that need time for education.

Time will not come and got to control how to use it on the area worth to invest. Cut down the daily entertainment is the only way to ensure allocate enough time for the important development learning.

I am start to aware and create join activity with the kid, like join play time, reading time, and help me to sort books, etc. The purpose is to ensure have enough family interactive time together, just simply sit in the sofa and watch the TV is not a healthy habits.

For the trend move forward, books become less and less consumption for the whole industry in the physical book form, however, in the digital form will be keep growing, that is why even Apple is marketing iPad, big enough for the comfortable reading.

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