Echoes of the Rainbow (2010)

Just saw the movie, very touching movie, long time without saw it from Hong Kong made movie, even it is not Hollywood type large budget commercial movie, however can see from the movie it is good work, with all the touching element for being a good movie to be in the classic in the year to come.

A simple movie depends on how you tell the story and in what angle, it has a good theme song as well. It will have a very different feel, especially seeing too much commercial movie that too much marketing calculation involved.

It reflect my mind few more good movie saw such as 我与春天有个约会, 南海十三郎, etc all is not a really big budget movie, however the touching element is there, at least it become part of my memories.

I personally like movies with a story, a good story to tell, if you have good content, whether or not “decoration” with the big movie star or not is not that important. Of course, nowadays with so many movies in production, if without adequate marketing, it is really hard to get noticed, unless it is really good and can tap on the goodwill, public relations or word of mouth to make the good movie be noticed.

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