Egypt Travel In Depth 埃及深度旅游

Egypt Travel In Depth    Include the two days travel time, me and my wife is in Egypt for exactly 11  days and nights, travel (for Chinese NInclude the two (2) days travel time, me and my wife is in Egypt for exactly 11 days and nights, travel (for Chinese New Year Vacation) in depth from one
city to another, from the north reach Alexandria see the Mediterranean Sea (for Geek and Alexander heritage remain - Fort Qaitley, Catacoms of Kom
El-Chngafe/ Kom El-Shuqafa Monuments, Pompei’s Pillar/Amud El-sawari, Alexandria National Museum), capital Cairo for Citadel of Salah Al-din and Mosque of Mohammed Ali (an ancient fortress that build on the highest point of Cairo, can have bird view of entire Cairo city), Egyptian Museum (for the world famous Tutankhamon gallery, golden coffin and mask, and royal mummies), shopping at Khan El Khalili Bazaar (near Hussein Mosque), visit Great Pyramids of Giza site (include go inside the pyramid chamber), Sphinex, Sakkara Steps Pyramid/Imhotep Museum & Saqqara (the world first Pyramid for 7,000 years). And at night go for the famous Sound & Light
Pyramids spectacular night show.
Egypt Map
Sleeping train to Aswan (see the unfinished obelisk, Philae temple -
goodness Isis temple, high dam and low dam of Aswan, Felucca ride) then to lake Nasser for Abu Simbel (King Ramesses II big and small temple – second landmark after Pyramid), River Cruise from Aswan, pass Kom Ombo (for dual god coexisted temple dedicate for Sobek/crocodile headed god & Horus/falcon-headed god), Edfu (most preserve Horus temple), Esna (Esna river gate lock), Luxor (for the world famous Valley of the Kings, Queens, Workers, temple of
Hatshepsut (Al-deir Al-bahari temple), Colossi of Memnon, see the hot balloon, Karnak (the largest so far ancient gods temple and architecture group) and Coach to Red Sea Hurgada resort on the east coast for resort stay, camel ride, desert safari (via four wheel drive jeep and chance to see the rural village and natural wonder of mirage), coral reef underwater tour with a glass bottom boat.

End to end it cover travel Egypt over 2,000 km distance over via the
combination of coach bus, sleeping train, river cruise ship, and domestic air flight. Without such the available of modern world transportation, it is impossible to cover such the wide area within such the intensive areas for what we interest to see, to learn, to feel, to exposure to.

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