Abu Simbel, south 300km from Aswan, Egypt

Abu Simbel, south 300km from Aswan    The trip to Abu Simbel start from the midnight 2:30 midnight morning call,  yes it is mid night. Wash
The trip to Abu Simbel start from the midnight 2:30 midnight morning call, yes it is mid night. Wash the face and take a rush coffee and taken the pack breakfast from the river cruise ship, we are on the coach bus to the central waiting and queuing location that have the police to patrol all the tourist bus star from Aswan to Abu Simbel that take exactly 3 hours, 300km.
Aswan to Abu Simbel
It is the main reason why to wake up so early, since it has too many people want to be there, so authority post the rule for centralize patrol all the tourist by turn, be here 4am - reach Abu Simbel at 7am, and you got to make use of the 3 hours giving, if you miss it, you got to take 10am instead of 9am return trip.

The whole route from Aswan to Abu Simbel, can be describe with one word - nothing, just a plain deserts even cannot see a single tree. We are travel on 4am all the road is in dark light, since without traffic and light.

Have a very surprise experience on the night sky, never before see the so clear and so many star shinning on the sky, without saw this I still think the ancient people draw the constellation by imagination. After I saw this in my own eye, I start to realize really got the place can see the clear night sky exactly like the constellation that is very special moment for me. After a while I take a snap and wake up at 6am to take my pack breakfast. Have a chance to see the sun raising. Abu Simbel 4 huge statute has become Egypt second landmark, for me the relocated due to Aswan high dam make it become a legendary site.

It is two temple designs, one big and one small. Big one is dedicating for three gods and King Remesses II itself. Small temple is dedicating for goodness and his lovely queen. One of the reason, after being explore to so many temple and tomb on Egypt, I start to realize why during the Aswan high Dam project, this is the site being pre-selected for relocate. In Egypt, this consider very well preserve cultural heritage, from the inside still can see the color well preserve due to long time being cover under sand until 1900 period discovered, since it is located in Aswan and above area, where the ancient called Nubia. In 1960's Aswan high dam project created a
500 mile long lake which permanently flooded ancient temples and tombs as well as hundreds of moderns villages in Nubia.

The impression the Abu Simbel temple leave to me mainly from the great temple, the 4 statute, now remain three, and the inside main statute standard along the gate, the main hall great King Remesess II story in the wall that is lively, and the main holy room where in the birthday, the sun will direct shot at the King Remesses II face, what a precise and remark design for the Ancient time. It also symbol the ancient Eygpt Remessess II start to move away from the god worship and move itself to be god level to build own temple and no just tomb alone.
The ancient artist David Roberts who travel and recorded ancient monuments of Egypt during 1900s time serve as the valuable first hand information to compare we see today, where during that time drawing and sketching is the primary mean to record the matter.

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