“Windows of the world” theme park

It is no new theme park, my past two trip over ten years before never hand chance to be here, where my wife being here for once. Just like the folk
cultural village, where focus on china miniature landmark, here focus is on
out of China. Regret to know KL twin tower is no here, as well as some famous buildings, anyhow a trip and time well spent.

Here got the world passport can be buy, inside got all the landmark architecture, about 42 countries coverage. It allow you to put country stamp on those page for those you have being visited. Spend time with kid for doing this together. Best way is take the round train trip first have overall view of entire theme park, then spend time on where intent to take photo and go around.

In this theme park is group by region, said American, Asia, Europe and few key museum and activity center for theme oriented attraction. Like Egypt have the museum and studio for itself.

Best way to travel, is via the train for the overview of entire theme park what it have and what attract you for it. In here we can one day travel the world to have overview of entire planet what worth to see, plan for next trip where to go next?

Japan theme park is a great Japanese architecture, as well as surround with Japan village and activities. Japanese architecture is a bit different than Chinese, same as well for Korean, even all share what I called Asian architecture, but there all are not the same. We saw the Japan cultural folk lady dances show here. Passthru the water poll full of fish near Fuji mountain to continue our journey.

Left is what I called world tour password content inside. Saw those stamp, one is preprint, one is hand stamp. Total got 42 stamps, got to stamp them all. For me, suitable to play with kid.

David with Venus, can you image? One at France Louvre Museum, one at Italy Florence Art Academy. Both is the great art by itself. For me especially like the David, the classic by itself. Here is not just landmark architecture have the copy version here, great statute or those with symbol meaning will be here as well.

Take out the background tree, did you know where the place was? Yes, the world heritage site located north France.

Left building is unique by itself, the look and feel is different then the rest, great art by Spain architect.

Like it or not, the is a place with attraction by itself, it offer travel the world in a day.

Off course it can’t replace the excite and impress feel when saw the original, especially great building like Great wall where run across thousands of km lengths. But it do give us the overall feel whether actual trip worth to spend your time or not.

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