ShenZhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village, a great live performance cultural show 深圳錦繡中華民俗村

To Shenzhen beside for those miniature park, the main purpose is to watch to live performance show, one at 5pm and one at 7pm, both inside cultural folk village. Both show due to blend with western technology, it make traditional China folk story and show become fantasy. When you saw how those performer act, we can't expect more, it is real art and entertainment blend together, it is not Hollywood movie can be given due to live performance in nature. If you being here don't miss this two live show.
On Hangzhou at night got one live show have the similar impact, recommend it.
I’m consider third time visit the place, most of the scene remain, except the live show have change the theme and setup. This round of visit with kid, so most of the place we are travel with train first to have bird view of the entire themepark. It is also the faster way. Since no much time for walking in this huge space and time consuming. If really got time, a full day waling trip is recommended.
The train route will first cover all the China landmark miniature first. Then continue route to visit all the cultural folk village. Can see all kind of cultural fold and have the real different cultural fold race lady stay inside. If got time can spend time to know how they live. You can expect all kind of village building that is culture in nature, very informative.
If you yet to visit the true great wall of China, this miniature here will give you a high impact, this is consider small scale based on actual length, and it is almost surround 1/3 of entire theme park, you can image how long the actual great wall is.
After over fifteen years, revisit of the place, the only different is that I come with wife and kid, the scene remain. And the expectation and mood for visit is also different. My last two trip is take place at high school age 15~16, one trip with father and one with mother during then. Now, father is pass away for over 10 years time or more, remain my mother.  It make me feel and realize time is keep going, got to seize the moment for doing what is right at the time, don’t wait, since once it is pass, you can go back and start over again. So, what is important for life? your circle of life and those you feel important. Spend time with them and be there for them as per needed. My regret is that my father can not see my university graduation, marry and have kid. Those is the big and important event for the life.
Forbidden city mini copy version, you can still see the scale and sizable of the palace. 
Be there before, and summer place is 4 times the size, and Chengde is 8 times the size. Hope the trip do leave something for the kid, so where he is grow up see the actual one can remember something for him. At his age (6 right now), too much factual information is meaningless, just like him see and feel.
The cultural live show is prohibit with the photo and video, each place have it own custom, so got to follow it. Have bought the two DVD for the live show as the memory keeper. The photo is taken on very early stage of the live show, after that sit there for the hour of entertain show performance.

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