Lantau Island world largest bronze Buddha 大屿山世界最大青铜大佛-天壇大佛

This is my 3rd trip to Hong Kong, last two trip over ten years back. Got some new attraction in place, beside Disneyland, Lantau bronze Buddha locate at Ngong Ping 360 is what attract me to have a visit. Anyhow, Hong Kong is the city country, no much natural resources, beside great night scene and harbour scene, local street and dim sum food, large bronze Buddha is what we expect.

We wake up early on Hollywood Hotel, Disneyland then take the train, and use the cable car to reach the mountain top, and have a long stair walk up and down just to have personal feel on it.

Due to land constraint, most of new attraction is develop out from the city, like in the Lantau got the Disneyland, Bronze Buddha and their new Hong Kong Airport, all is the space and land intensive project.
With the cable car system in place, it make the visit for the Buddha easy, since just about 20 – 25 minutes for the cable car ride only. At the downhill, still saw lot of bus busy in persuade visitor to take bus rather than using the cable car (it do affect their business, time has change). It take less time and faster to use the cable car, unless intent to go other location within the island or got plenty of time to spend, then it is different matters.

Once reach the cable car station on the top hill, we can see the Buddha statute, even small like the photo show, and it indicate still a long walk way to go for the better view of the Buddha statute. From uphill cable car station, got to pass thru the village market (a street for shopping actually) before can reach the Buddha (taking the long stair way) or further up to the Buddha temple (if choose to pray or have the special vegetable food)
. Due to the time constraint for the day, we intent to reserve at least half day in Disneyland, so we select up hill for the Buddha state rather than go for the temple, since it is not the main attractive for us to be here.

I forgot how long the stair is, our kid have count it, up down together should have less than 500 staircase. At the top is the big bronze Buddha sit in the lotus and surround by 6 small statute. You may notice their hand is all have something different, must have some meaning.
I saw have the shop sell this complete set of statute in total 7 piece, but due to time constraint, do not brother to ask price for it, but it do a master piece for itself. It is suitable for put in glass cabinet for display. Recently we are active in screening deco items suitable for glass display, since the new home have plenty of the space for deco purpose. What put inside really represent what kind of person we are, so we are careful select master piece for it.

For the ideal time spend here, one day trip required if want to really complete visit all the attraction, like watch the two documentary movie show, go for temple, take the vege lunch or dinner, shopping around slowly without time pressure. If you like me, previously have being at Hong Kong for few times, this is new attraction for you, have a visit.
Remark: Lantau island is 2 times the size of Hong Kong Island.

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