Fantasy dream come true family trip, Hong Kong and Shenzhen 2009

Take a week away for the family trip, to deliver the promise for our kid for
Disneyland theme park, plus Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The whole day and night really worth the time, especially on the night light of Winter and firework, really make the happy memory for us. This is our first overseas trip with kid, learn a lot as well, for kid together trip should have focus on kid need rather than adult need.

Actually a night before have stay the nearest Hollywood Hotel, but can’t make it to come last night, can see only the firework show. Here have few key theme park group together, we spend most of the time on Fantasyland, other include tomorrowland and adventureland. As expect lot of crown here even on normal day, we already avoid the weekend crown already… … anyhow a great experience be here with kid.

We spend some time to take all the photo that is possible with the cartoon character, off course with the main Mickey as well.  Kid is very happy for it.

At 3:30pm the great show is start, pull all the crown into side street and see all the cartoon car to perform dance shows. One of the great attraction for the day.

  Most of the cartoon character have their own car.

After it, we have a live musical show here as well. Since most of the time we watch them as the cartoon, we are very surprise to see real human performance it like beauty and the beast, the snow wife, Tarzan, stitch and lilu, winnie, and make us feel we are in the fantasy world and dream come true.

At night, since now is winter, here got special additional attraction called “light of the winter”, a ceremony to light up the huge Christmas tree and carry the light via the star stuff to lighten up the Disneyland castle. This even got to watch thru the special eye screen provide, the impact is stunt us and have great impact, after that “human make” snow start to fall from the sky cover entire village, together with the Christmas song, the night have come. After take the dinner, we are wait for the firework moment near the castle.

Be here off course got to buy some toys for kid, if not what the point being here.

One of the big different Disneyland and other theme park we are being there for is here got lot of character we used to see in movie, video or tv. there are part of our life live in fantasy. Today is the special date where we dating with them in this special place for the great memory.

For all the Disneyland available, this is the nearest, and put in the country where Chinese is mainstream, compare with the rest. For me, it do serve the purpose for my kid to leave a great memory together, where dream character live here. Personally recommend for parent with small kid up to primary schools. Be there full day, don’t miss those big attraction that govern by the time and schedules.

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