Wall.E cartoon

Have a chance to watch Wall.E cartoon, good movie back with good story, it about the green environment and the future projection.

For the past I never thought of watching it, since it gave me the perception of a robotic and future story. It is after I watch UP and start to trace back what movie from Pixer I am or my family together is missing, and have the motivation to go for it.

Maybe due to seldom having time for the movie, especially for commercial movies as the kid is still small, too mature or violence content is not suitable, so I am recently actively looking for kid /children friendly content that is worth as family activities together.

It gives me the “beauty and the beast” kind of story feel, in the end the lady loves the old type robot in return due to touching and emotional feel obligation, is it love, if yes, it shows “lov-ing” love in action and gets it in return back. I think it feels like the universal natural law give and take, you gotta work hard and you reap what you sow in return. Compared with UP, this story is touching a completely good new perspective on the green environment and green movement concept, if we do not do so and what happens for so many years to come for the next generation. And it ends in that as the human race we can start over again, the lesson is about action.

For me it is the trend to go for “3D” animation, but back to the root principle, it is about the story and the meaning behind the scene that is really for me to classify as the good or bad movie. For me, it really shows men the production quality and entire team quality. I like the cartoon and recommend it, whether for own or entire family viewing together. Don’t get the impression that the appeal is like robot cartoons, it is about humans, very touching cartoons and story.

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