Vienna of Austria, Part 1

Vienna City Map

St Stephen's Cathedral, Bird view map

Leave from Salzburg - Austria we continue our journey to the capital of the Austrian Empire - Vienna.

Some like to called it city of music. It is famous for being a place for great lot of composer being start from here.

In this place, since it is capital have more activities can be doing, for example, for those really like opera here the good place for it. I will divide into few theme to cover here.

We start from the old city of Vienna, where listed in the World heritage. If you used to the listed, and you will know that beside building may listed, sometime due to some reason, whole city or old city center will be listed due to significant cultural and historical value for mankind.

Vienna old city center is one of it, it is the place worth for the walking by yourself, hanging around, take food and drink, buy and shopping.

The whole Vienna old city center start from the very center, St Stephen's Cathedral, Stephansdom.

Its 120m (390ft) spire is seen from far away and is the best known symbol of the city. You not need to worry about get lost, it is the best landmark, can see from very far distance.

The cathedral, just like the Munich one, Notre Dame de Paris, St Peter Cathedral at Vatican, all is really very holy in building, beside the site, it create a very influential and touching moment for people who is watching them. Compare with Church even the one at London St Paul, maybe due to Church in nature they do not spend too much on the outer building to create the impact.

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