Verona city, Italy part 1

Verona Map, Italy

Verona City, Bird View
After Venice, the next destination will be Verona, whether you go Milan or turn north to Austria, it is the stop.
From here, one things really famous among the world, it is regard the story of "Romeo and Juliet". This is the city of romance or love, you can call it, where the story actually happen - Verona.
Without mention, the photo of coliseum is misleading, it is actually the one of the three coliseum still existed, beside Rome one, here still in full function capability, listed in the World heritage.

First things reach here is to found a wash room, and got one inside the McDonald fast food, for the entire Europe trip, it is almost anywhere, compare with KFC and Pizza hut, saw one at Munich - Germany only.

Still remember due to taken too many video and camera shot, lost the contact with the rest, by asking the local Juliet and Romeo, they can pinpoint me to the right direction, it is actually behind the street, this is the reason we get lost with the rest. Here the city of walk, a very typical Europe township look and feel, no too much modern, still remain Europe way of architecture.

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