Italy Travel, Rome part 1

Take the free time organize my travel journal. Back to CNY 2009, the 2nd trip to Europe, cover south Europe (Italy, Vatican, Austria and Munich - Germany + Middle East Qatar Doha). It complement my last year trip to Western Europe CNY 08 (Cover France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK + Middle East Bahrain).

After the trip to Middle East Qatar Doha, continue the journey to final
destination - Italy, Rome. Can see from the sky how Rome like in the night (see photo). For me, it is very long travel, if without middle stop somewhere and really rest, it is very painful travel experience, too flight add up is about 15-6 hours. Once being there at their airport Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Italian: Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino), even it is name with the great person, but the airport is so so especially compare with our Malaysia KLIA or even South Korea new airport. But it serve the purpose to be airport, just the airport, so what else you expect. In fact, from my travel experience, those developed country seldom upgrade
their common facility compare with developing countries, especially Middle East, seem want to show sometime to the world.

One interest thing worth to mention, it is regard the orange try here is very unique, in blood color, I called it blood orange (see photo). Ask the local it is due to local land and the orange grow out become this unique form. It is this land that create famous Italy food with potato. The taste is bit different compare with orange we used to.
One more thing when I pick photo, still do not understand what the main function for the toilet for the "additional accessories" for.

Like it or not, Rome is very old city, the so-called outdoor museum with lot of ancient ruins and heritage there. What in your mind when think of Rome? Trevi fountain for star wish, gladiator battleground Coliseum, Italy foods and pasta?

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