Lost touch with my digital blog and home page

it has been some time without really sit in silently at night to write for my self in blog manner. Beside blogger online blog, windows live writer is my prefer manner. Even I can write in iphone, but it is simply just too slow for keyboarding, it is good as temporary internet surfing and get update via email, but if really want to turn it become fulltime blogging machine or device, unless it have the keyboard plug in that work, else it functionality still limited.


back to the topic, it have been few weeks have pass since have the iphone with me, and the best experience i have is mainly on ipod experience due to simple to navigate, and can really listen to song that mediate my life.

no matter how cool iphone is, it is still lack some modern feature like video, high resolution camera, and 3g video call, and more importantly the keyboard.

since have the iphone, i start to take even more dining out photo for foods, and a way to preserve the memory, some of that i do not even know what  it call, anyway, i think life is about accumulate experience, it is something can not be replace by digital.

weekend trip found out more and more travel book is published, actually i can be the one as well, if i can manage to write it consistently, 12 chapter a book, each with 40 minutes of authoring is not difficult, especially if write with the powerpoint or msword.

still in consider to commit one week one topic manner to organize the very own book, then send for pdf and real book published as the real souvenir for my own lifetime classic.

still in explore but i think windows live have something right – the plug in to extend the functionality into the blog software. It make it easy for addon needed functionality without complicate.

since by reopen the software and i reattached back for blogging, will continue to express myself via this media. book based writing have it advantage but digital do have it, especially for sharing and multimedia capability. like it or not, we are live in the digital world, digital storage at least solve one big problem for planet, less tree get cut due to less paper is really needed.

picture and simple writing will be the trend due to technology make it possible compare with previous book all is mainly white page black text, it will change the world, especially color print become so affordable now day.

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