House keeping experience

House keeping on books, by today really have something to share, I am actually look for something and from the book finding exercise and media disk, conclude that less is more. What really count is what I am learned that can be reused anytime without reference other source then that consider really learned or master ok the subject .

From the house keeping and pack out those from the active shelf and case , let me realize that most of those book or even media disk I buy most are merely for keeping purpose , ie collection. It is waste on active space and may or may not really need to keep any more.

For me I start to used with iPhone, even for media like music, video I make use of it. Start to covert old collection into itune library for keeping and I like the album flip over feature. Very human sense approach on close tech gap.

If I come across ms office or will use google office suite for office. It is complete for what I want already .

Lesson learned , change toward digital storange using big personal hard disk instead of cd/DVD , due to storage capacility. Slow or refuse in take analog paper media due to high processing cost in term of time , digital search give fast relevant result .

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