Google time has come after Microsoft

Google time has come, after Microsoft leading and dominance the market for so long. Of course, it still needs time for this transition to take place, but it is almost certain already.

Google dominance on the search engine, and provide the gmail, and all related services all from within the Internet browser, ie web application in nature, no special download is required, so it allows you to access yours web application anytime, anyplace you want it. Why it captures the market so fast also due to leverage on the “free”, people try it and love it and keep using it. And then, start to have some paid version for advanced features, usually for business and enterprise users.

Google by itself has its strong online marketing ad placement revenue, it required a volume of users to justify for those ad placement values. As for me, go through the DOS black screen DOS command line generation, move to Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP and right now Vista transition for OS. It is still dominated by Windows, due to business applications required. But for the web, more wider market share is for those who capture the startup page and control the routing of the traffic that gains the power. So, I beat it strategy right now and pursue work. For me saw the improvement along the line, from search engine, to having enterprise grade search engine appliance; from free Gmail to have AppEngine, provide hosting for business include email, contact, to do, start up page, basic online office document – spreadsheet, word processor, presentation, and recent Google AppEngine platform to encourage wider market to participate and accelerate application availability and choice for the market, the ultimate aim is very clear, what they want to do and achieve.

For me have almost a year without touching on my outlook, and having using Google provide business email for my business need, i no more needed to worry about the searching for all archive to get the email I want, all is online, no need to worry for data loss due to laptop theft or virus/hard disk problem. And more happy is recently, the long missing to do task list feature is in Google, it makes it a total replacement of outlook.

Even for myself, I have started enforcing all the business documents starting using the Google format, and since pdf conversion is always possible, and make use of the online collaboration feature. This is the time for Google, let's see three to five year on the road what happens.

This blog is just a personal observation and does not have intent to up branding or down branding any company, since we are still right now using both company offers. It is just the user usage and opinion form from the current situation and what foresee will happen if things hold constant.

Last checked and edited 2020-Apr-26

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  1. Now review back from the blog, general position remain the same, but it is very dyanmic in nature, just like previously IBM dominance the world, and right now still have it power in influence. Time and event keep repeat, and who the next after google?