New mobile computing experience with iPhone

iphone Got my iPhone few day back , it is really open mind how easy it is to be use for common daily stuff. Compare with omnia where my wife use it, it is more easy to navigate with finger and it sensor for touch and shake or rotate functionality is very satisfy experience. Like this entry is actually type with iphone , yes it is slow but offer a way for quick entry, just wonder whether it allow keyboarding plug in.

3g-iphone-flip For almost two week, it did free me to spend too much on my laptop, as my nature of work is always require to work in computer if without meet up with people discuss business matters. I especially like the ipod, it let me have a small peace time like during driving to listen to the song i really like, the feature of flip album cover is very handful for me as well.

Apple iPhone finger Cover Flow large

Another innovative feature different it to other phone is it “sensible” design, like play the board game to let the ball to avoid the hole, it will react just like the real board, you rotate or shake, the ball will jump or turn fast or slow, really a breakthrough product. Even a company not in phone producing business, who said can not produce great phone?

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