Digital blogging

Being a week more without using notebook at home, feel time is busy on get my iPhone content match my working preference . At this stage iPod content is more or less functional for me. Only draw back is need to further touch back blog content for photo material. And still consider slow speed compare with keyboarding. Question here is whether require a keyboard plug in.

Iphone can be personal entertainment replacement, it can use to replace “music player” due to it sensible design, casual and timely internet access for website search or email reading. But if want to use as the pc replacement it is not possible yet, for me, said just like the blog, right now so far I have comfortable with blogging with the windows live writer and post to blogger. What important is it allow offline blogging, touch up and insert photo and then one shot publishing, really handy and serve the purpose.

Off course, it can not come close for the cutting edge mobile device like Nokia can provide video call, nagivator, and video capture yet, but it do serve the like purpose. For me, since I do take video for vacation, but actually i do not look into them after i come back, the chance for view back photo is higher. Video is serve the special occasion memory recall assistance during the future date.

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