Appreciate the beauty of western old town at Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria 奥地利的萨尔茨堡

Salzburg, is our second stop at Austria after Innbsbruck, back from Munrich, Germany. “Salz-burg” mean Salt city in German. In the past famous for produce salt, it is essential item during then. We can called it “white” gold during then, since it is necessary items.

Salzburg Winter  During the time, this year February is still at Winter yet, so we can see the winter scene fall on the old town of Salzburg. See is ok, since it look beauty, all white across and fall in all the roof for the entire old town city. But if you need to have half day walking tour at outdoor at the extreme low temperature it is another story.

IMG_2062  We are there at about 1-4 degree temperature outdoor, so can be imagine got to in and out from the shopping street (Getreide Gasse ) go in the shop frequently to get warm. And got to take warm drink and food to get body warm.

Salzburg is famous for three things: 1) listed in world heritage as the old town and castle that preserve the old look and feel, without much change. Since the castle (Hohensalzburg Fortress) is build on the top hill, can see the entire old town city at the river side near the bridge.

IMG_2184 2) it is famous for a old movie “sound of the music”, a lot of scene is still here, and if you are saw the movie before and you can really recall all the main scene, all still here.

3) this is the birthplace for a legendary musician Mozart. I like his music, very easy to listen and enjoy on it. Here can see the apartment of Mozart, now become museum, as well as another residence across the bridge (second house of Mozart parent).

IMG_2014 Inside the museum, actually got nothing worth to see, in fact, it can be imagine, even it is legendary musician, it is not noble can have so much to leave for people, except it musician work. If i recall not wrong, it is die in poor after the great success at Vienna, capital of Austria. But from the branding and marketing, this place do famous for annual music festival for the Mozart, it is one of the important musician festival for the world.

IMG_2026The day is long old town tour, due to significant of the place, and require to “walk” within the old town, pass the bridge to reach the old town area, then all the way up to the hill to see the old street, old crunch, and some of the big and landmark building here, then one round downhill to stop at shopping street for leisure walk and shopping. Worth to mention is even McDonald also create their logo and hang it like old fashion to blend into shopping street look and feel.IMG_2053

In here, we buy few gift, small statute of three musician, some small wine for collections purpose. Here I more thing can see a lot if the “Mozart” brand chocolate, they are really know how to make use of great Mozart for marketing purpose.

We saw the political election for two house, blue and green house there. I house is offer hot soup outdoor, all of us is take it, since so cold outside. Really different practice, I think in local we are common use free gift as well,


same principle to get favor impression from the people before the election.

In the street saw a seafood store seem is not bad, but due to in cold weather, no in for the try out the cold food, but it is famous, can see it have store at Vienna main shopping street as well.

IMG_2066Since it is major tourist location, English is ok to communicate here, even their main language is Germany. Germany is really strong influence, from this second trip, take note beside Switzerland, Austria and other central Europe most is under it influence.


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