Louise Vuitton (LV) from Paris, Gucci from Florence designer fashionlabel handbags

Louis-Vuitton-Paris One thing come to mind regard Italy is their designer fashion label. France got Louise Vuitton (‘LV’ – Paris) Chanel (Paris), Christian Dior (Paris), and Italy got Gucci (Florence), Prada (Milan), Salvatore Ferragamo (Florence), Giorgio Armani (Milan), Gianni Versace (Milan). Both countries are famous on the fashion label marketing and global dominance in those items. One thing in common, they are full product line producer or aggregator, from handbags, purses, shoes, wallets, belts, ties, briefcases, underwear, swimwear, cufflink and tie clips, jewelry, clothing, accessories for both men and women, basically on personal belonging business.
post-128762-1192341413_thumb Their branding approach and practice really something for me to learn from, ‘made in France’, ‘made in Italy’ with their brands do mean something for someone who bought their brands – at least for their fans. They can exercise the strong brand leadership and continue to excel in their field of dominance, it worth yours time to drop in and surf their store and talk with their fans, pick the one brand you comfortable to figure why form your own experience.
2685818177_abdf899962 Today with my wife for a shopping trip to LV at KLCC, I am myself have my own experience on it, it is France brands, it is very hot in demand for this brands, almost all the lady or women is fall crazy for own something with ‘LV’, especially their handbag series.
20090308_LV_buy_at_KLCC Still remember for the two Europe trips, see lot of trip members bought LV. I know some of them stay on East Malaysia without the LV store coverage, I am not surprise they bought it overseas. But for people like us who stay in capital city and have the LV store coverage, off course it make sense for us to buy it here. Spend some time with wife to select the handbag that fit her need. I am personally like this two in one design, it can be hand carry or pull down the belt to be different style already.
lv_cityguides After go back home and surf LV website, surprise to know they even publishing travel and city guide, really a bit of surprise, since it is beyond what designer fashion label will do (in my first thought). But now rethink again, it is make business sense, since it target audience is definitely fall under what I call “affordable group on luxury product”, provide customize city guide, travel notebook, designer pen for them is totally make sense to ensure ‘end to end satisfaction for the ultimate brand experience’. One think worth to mention they know how to make unique content inside as well, they feature celebrities own experience and recommendations inside to make it ‘differentiate’ with others traditional travel books.

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