Engelberg Mt Titlis ski resort, Switzerland

Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg in Central Switzerland, near Lucerne (or Luzern) and Zurich. In Germany translate back mean 'Angel Castle', under the Mountain Titlis. Main sights here is Mount Titlis, mountain ski resort and glacier park accessible by unique rotair cableway (360 degree rotating cable car that carries 75 passengers from Stand to the Titlis summit at 10,000 feet (3,028 m). Being there last year Chinese New Year (CNY) (Feb 2008) as part of the Europe travel part I (cover as well France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England + Bahrain – Middle East).

logo_engelberg 3486618-Mount_Titlis-Engelberg Engelberg at altitude of 1020 meter sea level, and Mt Titlis at altitude 3239 meter sea level.Traveling to nearby Lucerne usually will come here as well due to the nearby distance. At the top beside the good bird view of the snowfield mountain and Engelberg town below, can visit the unique Glacier Grotto (the glacier cave remain and open for tourist).

237789687_1bee27f8d9 To reach the highest Mt Titils 10,000 feet, need to pass thru three stop. The first stop is 4,262 feet Gerschnialp, then 5,904 feet (1800m) Trubsee and the final Stand at 8,036 feet (2,428m) to take "Titlis Rotair" to reach Titlis summit at 10,000 feet (3,028m). Tempature at Engelberg is about -4 degree, Trubsee at -10 degree, Stand/Jochpass at -15 degree, and Titlis at -19 degree. So, you can image the extreme temperature here and the clothing requirements, since it is in negative degree.

DSCN3370 On that day, we are take the coach bus from Lucerne, on the way can see about unique houses in the highland, very different that others house architecture, I call it “Swiss highland house architecture”. Most still wood base and have petty of space, no like city type building, block by block. Very beautiful, especially since we are travel here at Winter, snow white scene all the way, after pass by a town, then we stop at the Mt Titlis ski resort, and start to pick the cable car all the way up (pass thru 3 stop) to the highest summit at above 10,000 feet above sea level.Engelberg

Once reach there, it is few story building got souvenir shop, cafe and restaurant, even ice cream shop (at 10,000 feet above sea level at outdoor –19 degree temperature). So, it is logic to try out the ice cream at this extreme cold environment, how many chance we have in the lifetime? So, we try it that way. Since the temperature so low, actually whether or not take cold food is not different, a great experience recall me during at Korea winter also try out local ice cream in cold temperature environment, only different is we are right now try it in –19 degree outdoor temperature. Since have warm cloth protected, but will still feel cold especially for the strong winds blowing over…

DSCN3403b We explore the ice cave here as well during the free time. It is ancient form ice cave, and with the special light effect, make the cave exploring excite.

Ski resort for those who like to ski, is the place, for people like us, especially have been to this type of resort before, so ski resort facility not really that excite us. icecave_r1This trip actually we do not really stay in ski resort like previous Korea trip and have time for ski there as well. So here remind me that every trip do have some thing contribute to my life experience and memories.

Can see that local people here even kid is bring by their parent for ski, in the cold environments. DSCN3398It really remind me that each countries and culture to nurture different custom and habit, you may not think about it before, but it does exist.

The trip we bring back a bell, I think it serve the purpose, since it carry swiss symbol. For me, this trip let me know that highland country do have it unique natural resources like high ice land cover by snow, suitable for the ice ski, and it market or manage it well, do can become a unique business. DSCN3384No wonder they are good at watch making for the past, since the highland have lack of natural resources, got to complement by the human skill, same as well as their chocolate export business.

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