A star wish at Trevi Fountain of Rome, Italy

IMG_0485They have a tourist sight must visit beside the ancient Rome ruins, and it is very popular, it is place people go there for a romancing star wish. It is place with the romancing myth of 3 coins throwing (wishing).
For me, 1st coin for come back here again, 2nd coin for find the love one, and 3rd coin for the lasting love, forever. That is more appropriate and romance in this way.
IMG_0491 This is actually a place for three junction of street road, that is why ‘trevi’. This is why ‘Trevi fountain’. Here is very crown with tourist, the fountain is feature great looking Poseidon – king of the sea, under Greece mythology. It is posture to bring along sea wave and beautiful horse ride with the waves.
IMG_0526 The day after finish the trip at Roman ruins, we are here for a stop as well as for the lunch break. When we are here have a rain, and people here still crown, after the photo and video session with the umbrella, we pick a restaurant for our local piazza and Italian sea food mix rice. And we try out the local ice cream legato. Ice cream that claim without bring in ‘fat’ side effect.
Then we continue our photo and video after lunch, since the rain is stop. Even do not know Italy language, based on the visual menu and simple English, we have not problem to order food. Actually have try out legato before in Malaysia, just attempt to try it here. Here got a lot of choice and variety, as expected, the country of origin.
IMG_0536  From the poster and book, know here at night also open, if you want to explore different view of the fountain, may be come here at night, here got lot of cafe open.
In Rome, my own opinion is ‘outdoor museum’, by walking a long, you can see a lot of things, really a city back with lot of culture and heritage past. Here is the country with lot of beautiful statutes, if got time should take a time on those, almost everywhere.
IMG_0535If got time to hanging out, take a cup of coffee and watching people move in and out will be  interesting experience. Unfortunately, we are tourist pack with the tie schedule to move to various city and tour destination, we do not have that kind of time. We got to aim for get most from the less, to travel globally and regionally for global/regional exposure.
IMG_0550 Anyhow, the travel experience being there is lasting, even without the video captured as the memory recall, it live within my own memory already. For recall purpose, photo is better than video, since one picture (well take picture) is faster to remind us on the particular moment. This is why, for the past is painting, and current age is photo to help us reserve our memories. Even sketching, diary or travel journal will be a good lifetime memory reminder.
IMG_0492 How many coins will you throw in the fountain for the star wishing? to wish for come back, get the love one, or lasting love forever? Everyone have different wish at different time. For me, it consider fulfillment trip for get the love one and can be there together for a star wish. How about you?

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