Travel Jorunal, Sketch and Clip Book to reserve memory

Now I look back, it is very impressive and it actually serve the purpose to help me to remember what I really see, touch, feel and experience on the trip, as long as I record it now, it serve the purpose to remember be, the best souvenir ("to remember") so far. No wonder the book I bought along the trip is reduce, since lot of the sights destination book I can take my phone and video, and most important I can make my own notes, sketch, clip to make it unique experience for my self.

Write it in the physical book, or sketch and clip and then write on top is very natural process, the mind is open for whatever happens and you are feel to express anything you want to, no restriction and just write it down.

That is kind of assets everyone can build up for, the cost involved just a notebook, color pencil (if you choose to sketch), glue (if you make it as clip book) and a black pen to write and just write anything you want to jot down during the particular time you want to capture the moment and during that period or the time memory still fresh.

Extend from here actually everyday is worth to jot something down, use as diary, and everyday do have some new and interest things happen for us to jot something down – if you willing to keep the practice long enough to see the result.

During travel, actually got the “piece” time that can make use for productively – for instance, during waiting for flight, in flight, in bus, in train, in night, in the moment you want to jot something down.

When the time you write and keep writing, few pages you can not see the result, once you have books of it, you can random flip and read, and you are reconnect back to the scene and memory you have, it is this kind of "time travel" experience that may writing book, capture photo and video, or clips that make it unique to match your style.

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