St. Peter Basilica and Square, Vatican City (Holy See) Travel

Monday, January 19, 2009

Few day back start count down on the trip to Europe, and it is time to have researching in depth on the place to ensure get as much detail from the history and cultural perspective as possible. Saint Peter Church and Square if purely saw the square cannot get much impact in the first impression. But once you show it in different perspective, especially with the Michelangelo Dome in the scene, that it is different, it is very famous landmark from the angle of framing everything.

From the perspective of time, this is one of the important place exercise religion power, once upon the time pope have very strong influence on the various Europe Christian Kings and Rulers. Here is where Saint Peter gets buried under this holy place. Like it or not, this is holy place for a very long time for one the major religion in the world, beside Islamic and Buddhism.

Here the place most closer to their lord, some believe it is, and lot of people come across entire globe to pray and have a spiritual experience here. It is also a place so small, but exercise so much of the religion power that teach me lesson on leverage, it strength is on the symbolism as well as it historical significant. Vatican city is a independent country since 1930s occupied quarter of the Rome. If my memory serves me well, it is the small country on the whole world. Hope high expectation on the place to give my life a remark able experience on being here upon my life time.

Recently start to like and know how to appreciated great architecture, building, object and natural beauty. The entire building by itself can be classify as great architecture, I think few people will have objection on it unless due to religion reason. Th e Michelangelo Dome here and the two arm like square design make here unique. Off course, treasure inside is even more valuable.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Center of the square is the obelisk. The most unique here is the statute surround the place. Just like open the two arm and welcome everyone. It is very surprise it is just inside one area within Rome – Italy. Here is the holy place for Roman Catholic religion. The Pope is stay here to ruling the holy empire worldwide. Roman catholic is still the main religion in Europe, once you travel across the region will aware of it, most of the country have their great Basilica or church in place, whether or not they go there frequently for pray or not is different story.

Still remember the day at Rome first stop is go here – Vatican City (Holy See). It is very near historical centre of Rome, once pass thru the Saint Angel Castle and the Saint Angel Bridge (with 12 angle statutes), we reach the Holy See, it is listed under world heritage, and it is the largest church in the world. Beside big, those valuable historical items store inside is very valuable. For example, the Michelangelo Dome architecture, the beautiful Pieta, ‘creation of Adam’ and ‘last judgment day’ painting; Bernini two arm design of the square and lot of statutes of the saint and angel, include the two St Peter Statute one hold the secret key and scroll and one point the sword to the heaven. All is the masterpiece that makes it so unique in the history and it the world.

The date we are having a long queue up to enter into the church, it is about 30 minutes time, and require to pass thru the security check and scanner gate, just like airport. Anyhow it worth it, it remind me for the queue at Paris Eiffel tower and Beijing Forbidden city. It have a rain during the queue, luckily have bring the umbrella, else it will become the problem and get wet.

It is very surprise, once go into the church, from outside it do not seem to be so big but once inside it become so huge can cater for so many people and still can feel the building is great in term of high and all the architecture and interior design seem to just blend together perfectly. Inside is rich in the religion painting even at the roof, really wonder how the past they are painting it. Religion Statutes, and some unknown or unfamiliar religion items is there. One statute is very beautiful, it is the one create by Michelangelo (the Pieta) - the statute of the lady should be call Mary holding a dead body (should be Jesus), it is so beautiful that I hear Michelangelo even ask to leave his name in the statute and get approve by the church. He is first time and the only time want to sign his name on his work, at the age of 23 (at the age of 25 he is create ‘David’ for Florence city).

In Italy, Michelangelo is of the three great man leave a lot of great art work as the heritage for us, another two is Leonardo Da Vinci and Rafael.

He is good at painting as well, have a great work of ‘last judgment day’ and ‘the genesis’ – the painting that show the god and the human touching figure. Beside that, the one I got good feeling is his ‘Day and Night’ and ‘Dawn and Dusk’ statute.

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