Munich, Germany

Today want to talk about Marienplatz (English St. Mary's Square), Munich, Germany. Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, third largest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). It is a central square in the city center of Munich, Germany. It is home to Munich's New City Hall.

Another unique landmark is the twin towers of the Cathedral 'Frauenkirche'. The most famous and unique landmark here. Even new town hall is great and old enough to be classical building, but can not come close to this special two dome, usually two spike building. Compare with Notre Dame de Paris, France, it is different kind of beauty.

The street is equal to our KL bintang walk, it is at the centre and having the great classic beauty buildings near by the street. Here the place with all the shopping centre, whatever you want to buy, you name it and you can buy from here.

The first buildings that get my attention is the hexagon shape tower, and from there walk all the way, will first see the new town hall, actually not really new, it is very old town hall, white but will dark all the place, a symptom of against the test of the centuries. It is very different hall like the one we saw at Belgium Brussels - Grand Place. Here more focus on detailed, i even saw a dragon statute there and with lot of figure to tell the story.

No far will be a fountain and the Cathedral, it is not exactly in the same street, but next street, but due to it size, from very fall can know it existing already. It is consider will know missing landmark due to its size.

Further up will pass through a gateway and then no far reach another T-junction road. Near by here got two unique statute got my attention, one is a boar and one look like whale.

It is very easy to walk shopping street, one line street, all the shopping complex is beside the street, you can walk in here and there for the shopping needs.

The day we after the Innsbruck, Austria we continue the half day tour here. It is actually very near for about 2 hours road distance only. Due to winter time, it is very cold for us at outdoor, that is why need to from time to time go into shopping complex to warm up as well as taken hot drink and warm food from time to time to make body warm. Mc Cafe alone, we have visit twice, for two different soup. Bought some local food at supermarket and for night as complement after dinner. And wife bought a special boat for the trip, since it is fully seat, so the cold air will not that easy to slip it and so less feel the cold from the bottom up.

Compare with another city we have being there at Germany we got the positive feel - Heidelberg, here is big city and Heidelberg is old city town look and feel, can feel their pace is actually must slower that here. With the streets full of shopping complex, it is indicate they place buying power as well. No wonder here is 3rd largest city in Germany.

For the whole trip, here is the city and only city we can see KFC fast food restaurant, Pizzahut is also less, but the McDonald and BugerKing is a lot in Europe. McDonald even have McCafe as well for some city.

Additional photos:

To here consider an extra and a surprise, since main purpose intent to cover Italy and Austria. And can take the time to visit this one of the famous city, really something a surprise additional trip that turn to become a positive experience.

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