City of Romance - Venice, Italy

Venice trip is realize one part of the travel goal to really see in my own eye and own five sense why here make so many people crazy about here. By travel from Rome, Pisa, Florence, Verona and it is really special for the place. Got to park the bus near the port to take waterbus to reach St Mark Square, the central hub of Venice.

Without taking gondola (small boat) ride, 30 minutes cruise I can not unlock the secret, once take the ride and heart how they sing in the canal, I know why here is so romance.

Here since it make up by 108 islands, join by the bridges, and just like stay near the beach, keep hearing the sound of the sea, wave after wave. It is unique in this way. Gondola ride complete my entire experience on the Venice.

Here can see so many people is selling famous Venice glass and mask. Just too many type and variety to choose as souvenir. The feeling for the ride is very different that the Paris Seine river ride, along the river got all the great architecture and buildings.

Here is the world heritage site. Canals to canals, bridge to bridge, taking the boat ride or boat taxi here is really a very special and unique experience worth to record and recommend for.

In here the best place to start to explore is from St Mark Square, since it is the center hub to connect to all the Venice city. In here alone, can the beautiful square as well as the tall tower, worth to mention include their clock tower, and like it or not, will get notice of its special hybrid culture church that influence by oriental (turkey) design.

Spend sometime on the blow glass performance, just like Netherlands wooden shoe, this is their unique selling point here, it is very lasting glass and by mixture of color to make very beautiful glass. Buy a set of drink cup, mask and other souvenir for ourselves.

This ancient skill set now day the market is significant replace by the machine, but they manage to create a niche market for their own product, it is more lasting and more vivid color in various artist form. Here again they let us know how they re packaging and re branding their Venice glass in the market.

Here first thing in mind is the city mark up by islands and join by bridge, that is why it is city of water. Beside the blowing glass, Venice's mask festival is world wide famous. During the February all month long, it is the place attract worldwide tourist to here, since it unique mask festival is in celebrating. Can see lot of different mask and a lot of taste and creative combination of mask and appearance, make it very mystery and yet excite festival to join.

Beside those, one place worth to mention, it is a distance island call Burano, a small town. What make here unique is the small town all house is painting in a very united colors complement each others, very colorful. We do not have time be here, may be on future 2nd trip can spend there, since Venice got the airport. Here is the famous place for Venice movie festival as well.

In term of unique, Venice is fully qualify in the list, and it is so famous worldwide as the romance city, have it point. Especially when you take the gondola ride and have their local people in the boat signing and music, you will get the very romance feel, worth that as once a life time experience.

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