Heidelberg, Germany

In the process of organize travelling information and prepare for the upcoming one at the Europe part II - Italy and Austria. For the last year trip do have lot of stuff can be write up to serve the mean as reference.

From Rhine Fall to Black Forest for the Titisee Lake, then it pass to the Heidelberg - famous for it red walled castle on the up hill on top of the own town, where famous for their university as well. Here is very different compare with here, they have old town street and building, the feeling for walking on the street is really enjoy, just like walking at Lucern old town.

Still remember the day it is dinner under own bill, walk the street still do not know which one to pick and finally go to one cafe that look more comfortable on their look and feel since less germany language. In the end, me and my wife order two set of burger as it is the only one word that look familiar. Since both is ordinary set under their germany size, it is super big size burger on our Malaysia local scenerio. Since it is serve in beef, my wife only take sub meal and order for dinner, and buy some food from the supermarket. I got to eat almost two super big size burget dinner set. That is really a very unique experience. But one things do unique and worth to record, the cafe we go is ok for the look and feel, very modernize and I am thinking if move to Malaysia may be may have the business here.

Take note from other trip member that here got the hard rock heidelberg branch. They take their dinner there. As more and more experience and explore to Europe contries and their respective cities, township, I become more and more comfortable with their town living.
I am start loving to using the blog and photo for my own writing and start to realize how technology change along the time. For the past, those who can draw and have great painting skill in high demand, as time change, photo taken replace that roles since it can capture the moment and reproduce it faster and mass production economically than hand made painting. For now digital camera and internet sharing make it easy for online hosting. So, it is the right move for bloging and no need to worry for the hard copy stuff get lost.

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