Consolidate blogs within blogger

In the way consolidate blogs on different page into this single page layout. It is much easy to manage one page instead of multiple page, since the tag can be useful to serve as navigator purpose just like book tab, and it will help to automatically filter the content accordingly.

With this consolidating exercise continue, should be able to consolidate all different sources blog hanging out there, so can be edit them or tag them accordingly to ensure all the blog in single source single page. Some photo images is misplace during the consolidating effort, but the single page management worth it. From now onward, this is where it should be, my personal blog page.

I'm in thinking, unless it serve special theme purpose, else one page is much easy to maintain, unless it is group with special intent, by topic or function. But by let them all flow within single page, it work more like traditional diary. Each have it advantage in place, can not said which one is better, it all depend on it usage and purpose.

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