a cup of Viennese Coffee

Today get served with a cup of Viennese Coffee, from the menu (since without photo, and upcoming will take a trip to Italy and Austria, it catch my eye, so I order one when with a client for lunch). When it served then I realize I take it before, now I realize what it call "Viennese Coffee". Coffee on top with huge cream on it, so it taste sweet and then coffee taste continue, if without mix them.

It really have lot of coffee and types, sometime just see the name in the menu without photo is really hard to order, it recall my experience at Germany Heidelberg at last year Chinese New Year vacation, all German text and only word look familiar is burger.

Tasting on the local favor and sometime may draw a different conclusion, for instance, Germany Black forest cake, taste it in the local Black Forest, Germany that taste normal, compare with local. Right now I still can not figure out why, maybe due to temperature is low at Germany, since that time the Titisee lake is still frozen. Right now in mind is intent to try out Napoleon cake, maybe I take it before without know it. Life is like that, we are always look for something to be satisfied our need, especially something we think we never try before.

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