Digital learning

In the way of thinking whether it is time to switch from common traditional or conventional way of learning (from book reading to paper note taking). Upcoming will have a tablet pc in hand replace notebook pc. Hope it will closing the gap by allow me to add personal touch over personal note taking with the additional digital inking.

From personal stuff like diary, hand writing still the best touch, by migrating over the digital inking way to take note, it replace the physical book and pen. Only concern is to ensure alway have a backup in hand.

From me, mediawiki is the best way for structure note taking and on going note taking and editing, very suitable for ongoing knowledge enhancement and leanring (add new section and update section as needed). Only draw back is it is style leak personal touch (ie hand writing note to make it more personal). by having the tablet pc inking to direct take digital note, can then put it as graphic or digital ink note for future reference.

Hold the high hope and wait to see how the experience and transformation will be.

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