Make my way away from Outlook

I in my way move away from outlook and make use of the google mail, after something of using, i start make use of it effectively and efficiently. i can make search quick and can the email i want fast and not more needed to concern on the outlook space issue. as well know problem for outlook once hit the "size" will get in problem and slow.

only concern is whether i have internet access or not that is the concern, but in today internet access is almost like electricity, not a make concern. and i hope the believe that web or web application inside the browse will evetually take over the client/server based as it make installation and upgrade easy and not to mention deployment much much easy.

with more time to come, i think i can move away from ms word/excel as well and make use of the online alternative or offline open source alternative, so no more get lock in the ongoing upgrading pressure and push from the vendor. eventually more or less is the same, not much change on the requirement for document creation, spreadsheet, presentation, PIM, email and web browser, it just right now more choice on web and open source alternative only.

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