every man will died, but not all really lives

today spend sometime replay braveheart movie. the whole theme is about using William Wallace to point out the main theme: every man will died, but not all really lives. From the scotish nobles to british king, all make a very high contrast on the theme. really a good movie, easy to understand and excite to watching. really, a good movie can change the way we view and think our about life, so do bad one, make us day in day out zombie-like.

all the teaching on wisdom is about teach us make use of all life in full, make each day count and live in meaningful way. live in every moment as we do not know what will happen on next minutes or tomorrow, we can not change the event to happen, but we can change the way to act on each of the situation. this reinforce few movie saw before, forest gump and american beauty. Life is like a box of chocholate, if never open you never know.

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