Outlook and Thunderbird for Gmail

Due to business, I used to use outlook for email, and right now still got a lot of data in outlook pst format. as files become more, it takes longer time to load and respond.

Recently started to use gmail for the business email with business domain. i start to use it, it is fast for searching email, and the storage for 6gb is enough for practical storage, compared with outlook have 4gb limitation and slow in response, so i become more favorable on gmail as time goes by.

During the switching, the pain is on the calendar, since gmail is pure email only. So, I use the thunderbird with lightning (task and calendar plug in and sync to google calendar). Both work just fine as replacement solutions.

As time goes by, IMAP method is more practical, as it allows the online storage as primary and "mirroring access" online email and can act on it. Google gets strong by leveraging web and online applications, it is where the next generation of growth and IT enables.

If you have time, explore it and it allows sharing a calendar as well just like outlook capable.


Last checked 2020-Apr-26

Saw back this post, above, it just reflects what I wrote at that time. In the modern practice, I am already shifted over Google App where gmail and calendar in the same login, all complete web browser based, and I do not stock anything from the local client.

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