Joker, why so serious!

This joker is really not joke, it is most impress joker so far, i mean strong character. he is the main reason for me to go cinema, not batman. actually it become boring for batman, and make a movie based on him is really good choice, who else do you think can pair with batman?

the opening show him how smart he was in robe the bank, precise execution and timing control. he was a madman or crazy guy, with this strong markup he is really cool.
like it or not, he make the story of batman more complete, they complete each other in one form or another. just wonder who else along the time can create better character than this.
compare with previous batman joker, this one really cool, maybe is due to the mark up and latest movie technology, make the movie more exciting. anyhow good commercial movie know how to package a good story.

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