Digital Lifestyle Evolution - transition from paper to digital storage, automation and internet

Whether you are facing the same transition from paper and manual way of living to digital, automation and storage unlimited kind of transition?
On my own case, use to buy look of physical stuff from book, CD/DVD, collective items, and the list go on. At end of it alway facing the problem of accumulate lot of stuff that used the living space. Like book, once the content have being read and fully understood, it become by product, yet need place to keep it.
I start to using digital way for keeping stuff, like write up and digital files and data, it help to keep the physical storage requirement minimize to just a digital storage device.
Paper based input good for easy and handy, and for recycle and reuse kind of information, alway got to additional spend the time to found it, time is waste on the information searching. For digital, can just "searching" and will list down all the possible mean for selection, really help solve lot of problem.
Based on current trend, digital Internet link TV with internet browsing and connected feature and storage all the data into hard disk device will become popular and be part of common living. Lot of traditional consumables like physical book, newspaper, cd/vcd/dvd movie and magazine got to really rethink how to transition over.

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