Ying Yang on Weiqi

When play weiqi you will appreciate the ying yang balance. This ancient game in black and white stone round shape symbol ying yang. The game broad in 19x19 symbol the earth. Middle one point tengen centre. Every move no right or wrong, but if you do not plan upfront and based on opponent move reaction, you will either win or loss. This is game of life. You can either play safe by getting actual territory point one piece at a time or you can structure the stone to form the "influence" that allow you to make big move to surround bigger territory with the risk involved.

If you did not play this game yet, I highly recommend it for you. You will love it, by play it you will know your own life. How you play basically represent your own way of thinking and behavior. Once you play out then you will realize what kind of person you are.

The photo is the one I shot long time before, by just search in google "weiqi stone" it come out.

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