Switzerland, Lucern and Engelburg, Wooden Bridge and Water Tower, Lion Monument, and Snow Mountain, Europe 2008 Feb

Still remember the trip on Europe, 6 country. Switzerland. The place we go is Lucerne, a very relax township like place. Landmark is the water tower, wooden bridge, and this lion monument. We spend two night over here. This is old town, can see lot of what I called it "western middle age like building". This kind of township is very good for vacation, as it is without big city problem, just too many people, especially on the weekend and public holiday. All the people will go to the shopping centre to "waste" the day in there.

I and YY (my wife) spend about half day walking in the old town. Taking picture and video. Buy something back here as gift for people as well as for ourself.

The trip schedule is like this. We are from Paris, France to Switzerland Lucerne. Once reach here already at night time, after take the dinner we go out for a walk. The hotel is just behind the wooden bridge and water tower. Very cold at outside especially at night, the cold wind is really can freezing people, no wonder something saw the news report freeze dead.

Early morning after breakfast we go for the nearby Engel burg, a place to have snow mountain. We take three cable car to reach the top. No wonder why people like to ski here, the only natural resource here is mountain, snow mountain. It is different compare with the snow mountain we saw at South Korea, here is much much higher. 10,000 ft? We spend half day on the top of the mountain, and the come back to the town. Lion monument and watch making shop etc. The price tag really high, just next to the diamond I saw at Amsterdam RM 100k over.

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