Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Movie Review

If it is not because 2J (Jackie Chan and Jet Li), I think most of the people will not watch the movie. Hard to see the 2J in one movie. Both is acting star have their own fan.

The story is just too kid like, and incorporate In the Journey for the West’s monkey king story line. Not really like it, especially as Chinese know the story from in detail since kid. Anyhow, it is western version, fantasy on the ku fung. Stephen Chow version of Ku Fung is much much better.

Any how just a movie, it do have it contribution, as least bring together the 2J. Finghting scene is less than expected, maybe now day computer is just too strong, we get feed and demand more.

One scene is not bad, when the western kid said he know a lot of ku fung. Jackie told him that you are just like to cup in full, you can not take more as long as you think you know everything. You got to empty it before you can learn new things. How a good analogy with the cup and water as expression…

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