Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)

What a good title. Come across the book and buy it back, as I think it is time to really learn in systematic way to acquired the skill set to be effective parenting. Got a kid in the age of 5, do look forward the book provide some insight how to handle and help me enabling my kid to be effective child.

Childcare is a bit different now day, education become commodity, what need is to invest time and money to acquired it. I prefer those book provide guide and workbook exercise like, can be work one step at a time to acquired the skill, not those lecture based book. The book is first book out of the four in a set, aim at equip parent the skill set in handle children and be effective parent systematically.

This book recommend take 9 week time to finish it off, 1 week per chapter, remain time on the week focus on internalize the learning lesson as well as work out the workbook exercise to reinforce the teaching and getting result as time progress forward.

As I progress forward, and focus on migrating paper based notes into digital platform, paperless and unlimited digital storage and can edit the content as needed is the advantage I look for.

Just finish the week 1 lesson: Kid appropriate and inappropriate behavior

  • Ÿ Do not focus on using reward or punishment alone, it wouldn’t work for long and you are teaching them on wrong expectation to get right behavior (image if a kid for 5 can reward with a sweet and a 21 age old child with a car?)
  • Ÿ The key is teach them for fairness and mutual respect, and use it as the foundation to build up the right behavior and expectation
  • Ÿ Every behavior got it social intent, either it is right or wrong behavior both intent to achieve a purpose. Once you know the aim for it and you will know how to handle them in more appropriate manner instead of reinforce the wrong behavior
  • Ÿ To get attention, to get authority be someone you should care, to get your help and full care , revenge, and under performance etc if you can handle it in the right way consistent will correct the wrong behavior
  • Ÿ Invest time together for joint activity and happy time commitment to build up the foundation for trust. Keep criticism and negative comment is not the right way
  • Ÿ Show your loving in action, in the way kid and child can be feel it and see it, like body language
  • Ÿ Good thing is that effective parenting can be train and can be learned
  • Ÿ Do not over hurt your child in the negative way, think properly before you act and assess the consequence whether it is the intent for your action to be taken
  • Ÿ Be patience is the key for effective parenting
  • Ÿ Once notice for the right behavior, even how small should praise them for the right behavior to reinforce it
  • Ÿ Should spend and invest more time daily one to one time and weekend joint activity together to build up the solid foundation for the trust and healthy family life and relationship with kid
  • Ÿ Effeffective parenting must be practice daily; it is not a one day event can become effective parent. This is natural laws, you reap what you sow. The harder and more effort you invest, the greater the result you can expect if you invest and do it in the right way

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