Go Seigen new book

A bit of regret, as I without bought the weiqi book sport during the bookshop trip. I saw the book, flip over and more or less know about the content, one section is very interesting, it is about the evolution of the weiqi during ancient, use a lot of visual proof to link weiqi to yiyang and yiching stuff. The section is good, but remain of the content is more or less duplicate to those what I have, go seigen history, photo, and his theory on the "harmony".

I just pick time to search limkimkeong and found out a lot of my old website and have some link from overseas on certain article I made during past, now read back it is interesting. From the past I made both chinese and english content, and end out difficult to decide which to keep and which way to follow. Follow the flow should be the approach, just like play weiqi, got to "cut lost or willing to cut lost in section" to gain the overall edge on the entire situation.

If got time, may consider reorganize old content and new old to invent better theme for the blog and website. Website is take more time to maintenance, but look back it is the most unique if can do it in consistent manner. O(- _-)O

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