re touching my weiqi set

today clean up house and include my book room, which make me retouch of my weiqi sets. I have sit and table weiqi, I handmade and I import from Taiwan. Beside that, have pocket weiqi (magnec) and starter kit. Really I am very long without touching them, even so from time to time have games with my 4 years old kid (sorry, just become 5 years old), I do not involve in serious play thinking.

Have lot of books and ebook in hand, yet to have times for serious on it. From now, become business 9 dan is more important that play weiqi become 9 dan, since I make living from what I service people, not from play weiqi.

Different people play weiqi with different motivation in their mind, for me, it is now like a skill - mental skill set how to plan, execute and combat skill set in mind. It is good game, compare with chess (either chinese or international), it is even more strategic than them in the reason that every stone being equal, just see where you want to put and invest. Very similiar in real life situation, where you invest and spend time and effort determine the choice you have. We ourself create the destiny we have, by our own move one step at a time.

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